About the conference

February 18, 2016

Conference Overview

The National Public Health Conference (NPHC) is an avenue for public health community and professionals to communicate, connect and collaborate on the latest efforts and findings of health issues. It is a gathering of public health medicine specialists and multiple partners from government, academia and private organizations who share common interest and dedication in safeguarding and improving the health of the nation.

Persatuan Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam Malaysia (PPPKAM) had successfully organized previous NPHCs since 1996 with the help of its many dedicated members and staff from Ministry of Health. In keeping with the tradition, PPPKAM is proud to organize the Eight National Public Health Conference 2016, jointly organized with Melaka State Health Department this year.

Introduction and Rationale on the Theme

In the current technology of rapid, easily accessed and abundance of information, society behaves and reacts differently toward achieving better health for themselves and their families. Present public health challenges such as increasing obesity and cardiovascular diseases rates, environmental pollutions, anti-vaccination groups, outbreaks of vector borne diseases, emerging zoonoses and addiction are some of the challenges that health professionals could not manage without the society playing the big role themselves. Misinformation and misinterpretation in protecting health by the society will impose threats for health professionals in improving and sustaining our nation health goals.

Taking cognizance of this situation, the committee of the Eight National Public Health Conference 2016 felt that it is timely for us to highlight and discuss the issue of “Managing society in combating public health challenges” to be our theme for this year conference.

This theme is chosen to reflect our current society which is living in a fast-paced era of information technology. Society is moving away from local community involvement and is becoming highly connected through the digital world. Besides that, rapid urbanization has been projected to result in increase in non-communicable diseases, environmental pollution, violence and road traffic injuries in the population. Therefore, the main challenge is to better integrate public health efforts through the electronic media as this will reach the current society more effectively & at the same time, problems that are related to urbanization must be managed accordingly. This conference will be a platform to present new ideas to tackle these issues and provide healthy discussion to improve public health service to our society.

Details of Conference

a. Date: 2 to 4th August 2016 (3 days)
b. Venue: Hotel Equatorial, Melaka
a. Theme: Managing Society in Combating Public Health Challenges
c. Organizers: Persatuan Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam Malaysia (PPPKAM) and Melaka State Health Department.

Estimated number of participants: 500-600 persons

Conference Objectives:

i. To provide a platform for health professionals to communicate and share knowledge, experiences and best practices on many facets of public health challenges in managing society towards sustainable development goals.
ii. To build networking and collaboration within and between public health professionals and others in working towards community engagement and empowerment towards improving health.

Who should attend

  • Public Health Medicine Specialist (goverment and non-goverment)
  • Academicians
  • Medical / Dental Officers
  • Paramedics (Nurses and Assistant Medical Officers)
  • Science Officers
  • Health educators
  • NGO in Public Health
  • Post-graduates in Public Health
  • Students in medical and health sciences