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The 10th National Public Health Conference

The Malaysian Public Health Physicians’ Association or also known as Persatuan Pakar Perubatan Kesihatan Awam Malaysia (PPPKAM) gladly to organise 10th National Public Health Conference to gather and provide an important platform for public health professionals and partners to meet, share, exchange views regarding current and future public health concern.

18 & 19 December 2021

Managing Pandemic, Controlling Endemic and Preventing Future Endemics Through Public Health Approach


12 CPD Point provided

PPPKAM Member : RM50
Non-Member : RM100
Postgrad / students : RM50

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Calling for Papers
Kindly register and submit your abstract EXTENTED TILL 4 DECEMBER 2021


  1. Open topic and not necessarily related to COVID 19. 
  2. Open for oral presentation only.
  4. Font Title: Tahoma 14; Body: Tahoma 12
  5. Your abstract should be unstructured abstract (no headings such as: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion)                                      
  6. References not allowed in abstracts.
  7. Below the abstract, provide 3 to 10 key words that will assist indexers in cross-indexing the article.                                                                           
  8. Word count: should not be more than 250 words.
  9. Kindly submit your abstract before 30 November 2021.
  10. Upon acceptance, presenter will be contacted by the scientific committee.
  11. Presenter must prepare a recorded presentation of 8-minutes duration and to send to secretariat before 08/12/2021
  12. Accepted abstract will be publish as Special Volume at Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine (MJPHM)

For further enquiry, kindly email us at [email protected]

Conference Programme At A Glance

Free Paper Sessions

First Session

Room A (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Mohd Fazeli Bin Sazali#01NCDColorectal Cancer Screening: Exploring Predictors Of Faecal Occult Blood Test Uptake In Public Healthcare Facilities In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah  
2Hadita Binti Sapari#03NCDPsychological Impact Among Healthcare Worker In Hulu Langat District During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Cross Sectional Study  
3Hemanath Sinnathamby#06NCDE-Cigarettes A Rising Epidemic And Contributing Factor Among Universiti Malaysia Sabah Students  
4Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Ismail#07NCDDoes Social Support Influence Unsuccessful Quitters’ Status From Stop Smoking Programme: State Data From A Stop Smoking Service In Northern Peninsular Malaysia  
5Nor Adila Binti Abdul Aziz#015NCDThe Characteristics Of Weight And Outcomes Of Diabetic Patients Before And During COVID-19 Pandemic In Hulu Terengganu, 2018-2021  
6Noraini Binti Mohd Saad#017NCDReadiness To Change For Weight Loss Among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Adults With The Body Mass Index Of ≥ 23 Kg/M2 In Kemaman, Terengganu And Its Associated Factors  
7Norizzati Binti Amsah#021NCDGlycaemic Control Among Older Patients With T2DM And Its Associated Factors In Johor: A Retrospective Registry Based Study  
8Norizzati Binti Amsah#024NCDThe Effect Of Hypovitaminosis D On Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: A Scoping Review  

Room B (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Aliff Ridzwan Bin Hamidun#04CDCTime To Swab From Onset Among COVID-19 Confirmed Case: A Time To Event Analysis  
2Amer Taufek Bin Abd Wahab#05CDCContaining An Island: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak At Perhentian Island In Terengganu State Of Malaysia In 2021  
3Hazeqa Binti Mohamed Salleh#010CDCPrediction Modelling For Cholera Occurrence In Borneo, The Way Forward  
4Nuraini Binti Aziz#032NCDFactors associated with Psychological Distress Among Youths in Peninsular Malaysia: a cross-sectional study  
5Hanis Binti Ahmad#037NCDA New Rising Threat: Amphetamine-Type Stimulants (ATS) Illicit Use Among Methadone Clients In East Coast Malaysia  
6Mazni Fathinah Nabilah Mazlan#046NCDBurden Of Mental Health Disease Among Chronic Patient With Underlying Disease  
7Sharifah Saffinas Binti Syed Soffian#052NCDDisparities Of Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines In Average-Risk Individuals: A Systematic Review  
8Ayuzeity Bistari Binti Md Bukhori#059NCDAdolescents’ Mental Health Status And Its Association With Habitual Internet Use During School Closure Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic  

Second Session

Slot 1 – Room A (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Gowri A/P Mutthumanickam#018CDCCase Report On A Case With Vibrio Furnissii Infection In Kota Marudu District
2Fatin Binti Ismail#020CDCPredictors Of Pain During Nasopharyngeal Swab For Covid-19 Screening At A Drive-Through Screening Centre: A Cross-Sectional Study
3Mohamad Afiq Amsyar Bin Hamedin#026CDCAnalysis On Measles Surveillance In Penang, Malaysia From 2015 To 2019
4Asraf Ahmad Bin Qamruddin#028CDCFactors Associated With Asymptomatic Covid-19 Infection In A District Setting In Malaysia
5Mohammad Syafiq Bin Hassan#030CDCFactors Associated With Late Treatment-Seeking Among Mammal Bite Victims In Mukah Division, Sarawak From 2018-2019
6Mohamad Zuhair Bin Mohamed Yusoff#031CDCVaccine Breakthrough Infections Of Covid-19 Cluster Among Residents And Staffs Of An Elderly Home In Georgetown Pulau Pinang
7Hazfaneza Binti Ab Halim#033CDCAssociation Between Age, Comorbid And Obesity With Covid-19 Severity In Putrajaya
8Lydia Ann Ganapathi#035CDCEpidemiological Investigation and Public Health Measures Taken on a Workplace COVID-19 Cluster with Community Transmission in Georgetown Pulau Pinang

Slot 1 – Room B (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Loganathan Salvaraji#02EHOHOccupational Risk Assessment of Respiratory Symptoms Among Garbage Collectors in Coastal City Sabah  
2Naiemy Binti Reffin#08EHOHCompliance of Healthcare Worker’s Toward Tuberculosis Preventive Measures in Workplace in Intermediate and High Burden Tuberculosis Countries: A Systematic Literature Review  
3Lim Mei Ching#013EHOHWork-related Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Disorders and Psychosocial Work Factors among Manual Labour Workers in Sabah, Malaysia  
4Nornazirah Binti Ahmad Kamarudin#022EHOHAssociation of Noise Mapping and Vector Workers Position Designation Towards Hearing Loss in Sabah  
5Haidar Rizal Bin Toha#027EHOHPrevalence And Its Associated Factors Of Acid Poisoning In Malaysia: A 10-Year Reviews (2010-2019)  
6Ahmad Hazim Bin Mohamad#039EHOHBurnouts Score Among Primary Health Care Doctors In Kota Kinabalu During Second Wave Of Covid-19 Pandemic  
7Rosidah Binti Omar#048EHOHCOVID-19 Infection Among Healthcare Workers In Kedah: Symptoms And Outcomes  
8Azlihanis Bt Abdul Hadi#058EHOHPrevalence Of COVID-19 Infection Among Nurses In Government Hospitals In Malaysia  
9Chandrika Jeevananthan#060EHOHAssociations Of Living Environment Factors And Quality Of Life Among Elderly In Selangor  

Slot 2 – Room A (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Fatimah Zahra Binti Norman#036CDCCOVID-19 Construction Site Cluster Management Under the Titiwangsa District Health Office in June 2021: A Descriptive Study
2Jasmine Avalani#038CDCFactors Contributing To Covid-19 Brought-In-Dead (Bid) Cases Among Non-Malaysians In Lembah Pantai Health District, Kuala Lumpur
3Kalahvathy A/P Tangga Muthu#041CDCVaccine-Preventable Diseases(VPD) In Penang From The Year 2016-2020: Is VPD Surveillance In Penang Affected By Pandemic COVID-19?
4Aasha Nagaraju#044CDCCo-Infection Of Dengue And Chikungunya Viruses In Federal Territory Of Kuala Lumpur, 2021
5Muhammad Khairi Bin Mohd Salleh#047CDCWide Area Larvaciding Spray (WALS) Of Temophos As Dengue Prevention In Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya
6Siti Nurhafizah Saleeza Binti Ramlee#049CDCPredacious efficacy of three odonata nymphs as biocontrols against mosquito larvae in Malaysia
7Nora Binti Ibrahim#054CDCPerception And Communication In Combating Pandemic Covid 19 Among Malaysian Army Personnel
8Nagarajen Naidu A/L Subramaniam#055CDCCo-Circulation Of Chikungunya And Dengue Outbreak In Kuala Lumpur, 2021

Slot 2 – Room B (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Heng Pei Pei#029FHSusceptibility To E-Cigarette Initiation Among Tobacco Product Naïve Adolescents In Malaysia: Findings From The Tobacco And E-Cigarette Survey Among Malaysian Adolescents (TECMA)  
2Shamalee A/P Thinakaran#040FHFactors Contributing To Mammography Screening Intention And Uptake Among Women In Kuching District Using The Protection Motivational Theory  
3Nur Ezzah Binti Abd Rahim#042FHCould Online Victimization Predict Depression And Suicidal Behaviour Among Adolescents In Malaysia?  
4Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Mud Shukri#045FHGender Differences in Romantic Relationship among Adolescents in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  
5Siti Diyana Binti Ibrahim#053FHEvaluation Of Program Doctor Muda Through Health Seeking Information Behavior Among Peer In The Public Secondary School In Selangor  
6Nur Syuhada Binti Mohd Mokhzan#056FHOnline Training For Caregivers Of Older Adults: A Quasi-Experimental Study Among B40 Youths In Perlis  
7W Wahyuni#062FHThe Self-Management Of Young Women To Minimize Dysmenorrhea: A Study In Surakarta, Indonesia  
8Ummi Mirza#063FHMaternal Predictors Of Undernourished Infants  

Slot 3 – Room A (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Jamilah Binti Yusoff#012HMOut Of Pockets (OOP) Spending For Breast Cancer Treatment In HUKM As Outpatient Basis
2Tarun Amalnerkar#025HMAwareness, Knowledge And Attitude Of The Sustainable Development Goals Among Physiotherapy Students
3Muhammad Akram Bin Ab Kadir#050HMWill Muslim Communities In Selangor, Malaysia Accept And Willing To Pay For COVID-19 Vaccine?
4Norashikin Binti Mohamed Noor#061HMKnowledge, Attitude, Practice And Barriers Towards The Implementation Of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Among Physiotherapists In Peninsular Malaysia
5Nik Qistina Binti Nik Abd Rahim#064HMCommunity Empowerment Interventions During Natural Disaster Recovery: A Scoping View

Slot 3 – Room B (Click Here to Enter)

No.Name of the PresenterAbstract CodeSpecialityTitle
1Nur Ezdiani Bt Mohamed#09FHWeb-Based Intervention (Wifi-Sry) Development And Feasibility On Empowering Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Among Youth
2Siti Hafsah Binti Abd Halim#011FHImproving Parental Practice On Preventing Unintentional Childhood Injury In Putrajaya: A Baseline Assessment On Intervention Study
3Azima Binti Ramle#019FHThe Health-Seeking Behaviour Among Low-Income Adult Males In Petaling District, Selangor
4Nuridayu Binti Arifin#034FHE-Cigarette: Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Among Adolescents