The Association shall be non-profit making and non-political but shall state its stand on issues pertaining to the profession and health of the public.


To promote and maintain the honour and integrity of the profession of public health in every one of its segments and help to sustain professional standards and medical ethics.
To serve as the vehicle of the integrated voice of the whole profession and all or each of its own special problems and in relation to educating and directing public opinion on the problems of public health affecting the community at large.
To promote, facilitate and participate in the conduct of public health research and education, as may be appropriate.
To promote social, cultural,charitable and spiritual activities in building a caring society and united Malaysia nation.

About Logo

A circle written “PERSATUAN PAKAR PERUBATAN KESIHATAN AWAM MALAYSIA” in dark blue and red as symbol of unity of the professionals.
A pair of hands in dark blue and yellow colour as symbol of service to the community.
A pair of red drancunulus is a symbol of medicine.
A blue kris, symbol of nation.