February 2, 2016
DAY 1 2nd August 2016 (Pre Conference Workshops)
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Workshop 1: The Power of Big Data: How Do You Monitor and Enhance Efficiency & Quality of Your Hospital Using Casemix System? Professor Dato’ Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid

Dr Amrizal Muhammad Nur

Workshop 2: Mathematical Modelling in Public Health Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki

Dr Nurhuda Ismail

Workshop 3: Towards Effective Risk Communication in Public Health Datuk Dr Yahya Baba

Datuk Dr Norhizan Ismail

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Cont. pre-conference workshops
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DAY 2 3rd August 2016
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Plenary 1: TBC Datu Dr Andrew Kiyu
 Scientific papers presentations
Tea Break
Symposium 1: Changing community belief
1.1 Vape – changing the youth perception Dr Noraryana bt Hasan
1.2 Managing adolescent sexual reproductive health issues: cope with best evidence based practice AP Dr. Rosnah Sutan
1.3 Vaccination; educating and challenging the community  Dr Aminah Bee bt Mohd Kassim
Symposium 2: Sustaining wellbeing
2.1 COMBI: a toolkit for social communication in fighting NCDs Dr Azizah Manan
2.2 Health promotion in workplace (Petronas) Dr Kumarajothy Supramaniam
2.3 Enforcement for better public health; what does it takes… Dr Nik Shamsidah Nik Ibrahim
Scientific papers presentations
Lunch break
Plenary 2: Sustainable development goals: Health as an asset Prof. Dato’ Dr Syed Mohamed Al Junid
Symposium 3: Sustainable cities and communities health
3.1 Healthy City Index: have we done enough Dr Rozlan  bin Ishak
3.2 KOSPEN : Challenges in Empowering the Community Dr Rosnah Ramly


3.3 Implementing Social determinant of Health Through Social capital and Empowerment of the Jati Village to Reduce  Inequities in Health Prof. Dr.Rizanda Machmud
Symposium 4: Essence of health technology
4.1 Putrajaya Towards Sustainable City 2015 Pn Salmah bt Hj Salman
4.2 Mydiarinutri: Calories at your fingertips Pn Zalma Razak
4.3 Dengue ecosystem control activities Dr Mohamad Paid Yusof
Tea break
DAY 3 4th August 2016
Program Speaker Venue
Plenary 3: Managing Information for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases Dato’ Dr Hj Zainal Ariffin Omar
Keynote address

Managing Society in Combating Public Health Challenges

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah
Director General of Health,
Ministry of Health Malaysia
Opening ceremony


Datuk Seri Ir. Hj Idris Bin Hj. Haron

Chief Minister of Melaka State

Fellowship conferment
Tea break
Symposium 5 Partnership to empower health
5.1 Managing public health data taking SDG  as an example AP Dr. Jamalludin Ab Rahman


5.2 Materializing SDG Agenda for Health – time for Action. Dr. Sha’ari bin Ngadiman


5.3 Military aspects of managing public health issue AP Dr Halyna Lugova
Symposium 6: Fighting for health; can vaccine help? (Sanofi-Pasteur) Sanofi –Pasteur Representatives
                6.1 Vaccination Importance in Public Health    
6.2 Vaccination believer vs Naturalist; preparing for the worse    
                6.3 Community empowerment in vaccination                   program    
Lunch break
Expert panel discussion

Topic: Managing Zika virus pandemic: Role of Public Health Specialist


Prof Dr Maznah Dahlui

Best Oral and poster awards

Closing ceremony