Date/Time Slot Theme/topic Speaker
9.00am-1.00pm 1 Casemix, ICD-11 and ICHI: Planning for the New Era in Patient Classification Professor Dato Dr. Syed Mohamed Aljunid
Professor of Health Economics, Policy and Management, Department of Health Policy & Management, Faculty of Public Health, Kuwait University
9.00am-4.00pm 2 Development & Validation of Scale Instrument Dr. Mohd Zali Mohd Nor
Vice-President, MyRasch & Board Member, Pacific Rims Objective Measurement SocietyProfessor Dr. Jamalludin Ab Rahman
Professor of Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Department of Community Medicine, Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM
9.00am-4.00pm 3 Physical Activity Prescription for Health Associate Prof. Dr Ahmad Taufik
Medical Lecturer, UPMDr Amirullah Mohd Arshad
Deputy State Health Director, MOH Malaysia
9.00am-4.00pm 4 Porting Public Health Surveys to Mobile Apps Dr. Ahamad Jusoh
Public Health Medicine Specialist, MOHDr Rahmat Dapari
Disease Control Division, MOH Malaysia
9.00am-1.00pm 5 Crisis Communication in the Age of Social Media Dr. Feroza Sulaiman
Senior Principal Assistant Director, MOHDr.Husnina Ibrahim
Public Health Medicine Specialist, Putrajaya District Health Officer, MOH
DAY 1 – 16 July 2018 (Mon)
 Date/Time Slot Theme/topic Speaker
8.30am Plenary 1 Building Human Resource Capacity on Health Policy Datuk Dr Rohaizat Bin Yon
Director, Planning Division, MOH
9.15am Keynote Address Translating Health Policies Into Effective Actions Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah
Director General of Health, Malaysia
10.00am Tea
10.30am Ceremony Opening Ceremony
11.15am Fellowship Fellowship Conferment
11.30am Symposium Concurrent Symposium  
Symposium 1 Evidence-based control of infectious diseases Chairperson: TBA
S.1.1: Surveillance for Action – have we done enough? Dr Wan Noraini Wan Mohamed Noor.
Public Health Medicine Consultant, Disease Control Division (Surveillance), MOH
S.1.2: Prioritizing communicable diseases –  are we doing it right? Prof. Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah
Professor in Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, UKM and Director, UMBI UKM.
S.1.3: Managing Neglected Infectious Diseases: An update Prof Dr Mohamed Rusli Abdullah
Professor in Epidemiology, Perdana University.
Symposium 2 Emerging risk of occupational health Chairperson: TBA
S.2.1 Systematic Occupational Health Enhancement Level Programme (SoHELP) – Towards Achieving Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan (OSHMP) 2020 By Controlling the Risk at the Workplace. Dr Ahmad Fitri Abdullah
Director, Occupational Health Division,  DOSH, Min. Human Resource
S.2.2 Work-related stress – the neglected occupational disease Dr Priya a/p Ragunath
Public Health Medicine Consultant, Disease Control Division (Occup Health), MOH
S.2.3 The Feasibility Of Extending KOSPEN Plus To The
Industries; Challenges in its implementation
En. Mohd Supian Bin Hassan,
Manager, Quality and Safety Division, Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn Bhd
Symposium 3 Adolescent Health Chairperson: Dr Muhammad Fadhli Mohd Yusoff
S.3.1 Methodology of Adolescents Health Survey 2017 Pn Norazizah Ibrahim Wong
Researcher, Public Health Institute
S.3.2 Substance Use among Malaysian Adolescents Dr Jane Ling Miaw Yn
Medical Officer, Public Health Institute
S.3.3 Are Adolescents Mental Health Problems a Threat? En Mohd Aznuddin Abd Razak
Researcher, Public Health Institute
S.3.4 Violence among Malaysian Adolescents: How Big is the Problem? Dr S Maria Awaluddin
Medical Officer, Public Health Institute
1.00pm Lunch/Prayer
2.00pm Freepaper 1 Free paper presentations (F1A, F1B, F1C) and Poster viewing
3.30pm Symposium Concurrent Symposium  
Symposium 4 Marketing and Sustaining Healthy Behaviour for NCD control Chairperson: TBA
S.4.1 The NCDs pandemic – what do we have to combat them? Dr Feisul Idzwan Mustapha
Public Health Medicine Consultant, Disease Control Division (NCD), MOH.
S.4.2 Toward push, demand and request for health. Datuk Dr Yahya Baba
Chairman, Astin College
S.4.3 Applying neurolinguistics programming to sustain healthy behaviour for our community. CHT Mohd Mustaqiim Asmuji
Profesional Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Smart Excel Consultant Hypnotherapy Center
Symposium 5 Health for Environment and Environment for Health Chairperson: TBA
S.5.1 Integrating health in planned urbanization. Puan Hajah Kamariah Binti Ibrahim
Deputy Director General (Development)
PLANMalaysia (Federal Dept. of Town and Country Planning)
S.5.2 Emerging concern in environmental health: the consequences of gestational exposure. Dr Norlen Bin Mohamed
Public Health Medicine Consultant, Disease Control Division, MOH
S.5.3 Community preparedness in disaster management. Dr Badrul Hisham Bin Abd Samad
Public Health Medicine Consultant, Disease Control Division, MOH.
Symposium 6 Contribution and Integration of Military Medicine in Public Health Chairperson: Brigadier General (Dr) Mohd Ghazalli bin Mohd Taha
S.6.1 Evolvement of Military Medicine in the Field of Public Health in Malaysia Brigadier General Dato’ (Dr) Md Amin bin Muslan
S.6.2 Operational Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Mission – Adaptation of Lessons Learned from Battlefield towards Population in Needs. Colonel (Dr) Mohd Arshil bin Moideen
S.6.3 Aviation Medicine in Malaysia – Maintaining and Enhancing Safety and Health of the  Aviation Community Brigadier General Dato’ (Dr) Mohammad Razin bin Kamarulzaman
S.6.4 Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Practise in Malaysia – Occupational Health and Clinical Medicine Perspective Colonel (Dr) Mohd Yusof bin Abu Bakar
5.00pm End of Day 1
DAY 2 – 17 July 2018 (Tue)
 Date/Time Slot Theme/topic Speaker
8.30am Plenary 2 Enhancing Translational Research in Public Health Prof Maznah Dahlui
Professor in Health Management & Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UM
9.15am Freepaper 2 Free paper presentations (F2A, F2B, F2C) and Poster viewing
10.30am Tea
11.00am Symposium Concurrent Symposium
Symposium 7 Community Centered Care Chairperson:
S.7.1 Enhanced Primary Healthcare-how are we doing? Dr Noridah Mohd Salleh
Senior Principal Assistant Director, Family Health Development Division, MOH
S.7.2 What are our preparations for aging population? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halimatus Sakdiah binti Minhat
Head, Medical Gerontology Laboratory, Aging Research Institute, UPM.
S.7.3 Application of maqasid syariah in decision making and       choosing safe birth deliveries Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rafidah Hanim binti Mokhtar
Lecturer in Physiology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, USIM.
Symposium 8 Public Health in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Chairperson: TBA
S.8.1 IR 4.0 for public health. Dr. Fazilah Shaik Allaudin
Deputy Director, TeleHealth Division, MOH
S.8.2 Big Data Analytics in Public Health Assoc. Prof. Mira Kartiwi
Lecturer, Faculty of ICT, IIUM
S.8.3 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Disease Surveillance and Control. Dr. Balvinder Singh Gill
Public Health Medicine Consultant,
Information and Documentation Sector, Disease Control Division, MOH.
Symposium 9 Malaysian Consumption of Salt Study (MyCOSS) Chairperson: Dr Raihan Kamal
S.9.1 Estimating sodium intake using 24-hour urinary excretion: a population study in Malaysia Rashidah Ambak
Dietitian/Researcher, Public Health Institute
S.9.2 Knowledge, attitude and practices related to sodium intake in Malaysia: findings from MyCoSS Cheong Siew Man
Nutritionist/Researcher, Public Health Institute
S.9.3 Development of sodium intake equation using spot urine to predict high sodium intake among Malaysian population Fatimah Othman
Dietitian/Researcher, Public Health Institute
12.30pm Plenary 3 Managing Health Economic Evidence for Health Policy Prof. Dato’ Dr Syed Mohamed AlJunid
Professor of Health Economics & Public Health Medicine, UKM and Chair of Health Policy and Management, Kuwait University
1.15pm Lunch
2.30pm Freepaper 3 Free paper and Poster viewing
3.30pm Showcase Innovative actions in Public Health (sharing session) – 6 innovative projects  
4.30pm End of Day 2
5.00pm PPPKAM 21st Annual General Meeting (members only)
DAY 3 – 18 July 2018 (Wed)
 Date/Time Slot Theme/topic Speaker
9.30am Plenary 4 Effective Public Health Actions-what are they? Dato’ Dr Hj Azman Abu Bakar
Deputy DG of Health, (Public Health), MOH
10.15am Tea
10.45am Forum Roles of Major Stakeholders in Influencing Decision Making for Health
Moderator: TBA 
1. Dato Dr Hj Azman Abu Bakar (Dep. DG of Health)
2. Prof Dato Dr Syed Mohamed Al Junid (Deputy President PPPKAM)
3. Dato’ Hj. Suhaime bin Mahbar (Director, Research, Planning and Policy Division, JPA)
11.45am Ceremony Closing and Prize Giving
12.30pm Lunch End of Conference